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Elaborating on SECTION A1's disclosure, and in recognition upon the gambling nature of how the material from within -- may be used, the operating and owning partners at -- will not accept and/or adhere to any fraction of responsibility if the racecard material leads to your monetary wagering loss. Thus, and by strict admonition, this USER POLICY shall now advise that you use, incorporate, and/or rely upon the paid subscription/free racecard material at your own risk.


In return for your 'waive of the right', as detailed and thoroughly explained within SECTION A1, you (as the end user, viewer, and/or paid membership customer) will receive's upmost and assured effort to provide the selected and preferred subscription package in both a timely and consistent manner.


Anticipated reasons that a particular racecard report, for any given day, may not be available or therefore posted in a timely and consistent manner will include electrical power outages, internet connection downtime, host server downtime, computer hardware malfunction, and/or any unexpected, but viably hindering, debilitation upon the working staff at


If one or a combination of 'anticipated reasons', as listed in SUB-SECTION A2, prove to exist and therefore result in either a massive delay of any racecard posting/delivery or a missed racecard posting/delivery altogether, then a PROPER TIME EXTENSION (not a monetary refund from your initial and active payment) will be manually added (by an authorized administrator) to your subscription.


As an end user and/or purchaser of's racecard product (either viewed on the website of, purchased through our business merchant account at, or purchased from the store platform at, you are NOT permitted to sell/resell the racecard, reproduce and then sell/resell the racecard, redistribute/display/transmit/share the racecard onto a public platform, and/or create a racecard derivative from the original content (as produced by with an intention to sell.


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